Autumn Sample Sets

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Autumn Sample Sets
Autumn Sample Sets
Dokkaebi (Goblin) - Korean goblins come about when a discarded inanimate object is stained with human blood. This fragrance is lacquered tables, a drop of of blood, cold stone, and mugwort
Mul Gwisin (Water Ghost) - Sheer white silk, Korean pears, lake water, salt tears
Haetae (Unicorn Lion) - Deliverers of justice and protectors against natural disasters, they are depicted as part lion, part goat, and part unicorn. Cool bronze, sun warmed stone, moss, and, unicorn horn.
Jeosung Saja (Grim Reaper): Black robes, cold mist, black velvet, the tang of metal, and, a book of names
Daltokki (Moon Rabbit) : Smooth jade, bathed in cool moonlight, pounded rice, night air, and the softest whisper of fur and cloud
Samjoko: (Three-Legged Crow): The Samjoko represents the Sun and is a harbringer of messages from the Gods. Bright and golden ambers, warm sunlight, black wings, and an offering of sticky rice.
Manshin (Shaman): Red fruits, soju, mugwort, white paper, and, purifying water.

Kumiho (Nine-Tailed Fox): Smooth skin, silk robes, lipstick accord, and, a whisper of fur.
London Calling: Strong black tea, a squeeze of lemon, leather jackets, and, combat boots, and a generous splash of whisky
Pumpkin's Revenge: Sweet and buttery pumpkin flesh corrupted with black patchouli, sticky myrrh and smoky oud, all spiked with dark spice on a bed of graveyard dirt
Lighthouse: Scent Description: Cardamom coffee, sweetened with (vegan) honey, worn flannel, silver birch, and coastal redwoods.
October Rust: Cool rusting metal, the last of the maple leaves, black agarwood, crisp air, incense, bonfire smoke, blonde woods, and dark amber.

Chuseok: Crisp apples, brown sugar, rice, jujubes (red dates), Korean pear, pine needles, and (vegan) honey

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