B-Sides & Rarities Sample Sets (Pt. 1)

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B-Sides & Rarities Sample Sets (Pt. 1)
B-Sides & Rarities Sample Sets (Pt. 1)


Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Fluffy vanilla clouds, pale blue skies, freesia, heather, white violets, sheer jasmine, and, figs.

Mercy - Gentle golden light, white roses, soft sandalwood, white tea.

Solace - Clean skin musk, soft amber, white tea, clover, dandelion.
Night Blooming - Dragonfruit and blooms, delicate wisteria, cereus blooms, rain lilies, honeysuckle, and, sweet rocket.
Moon Over Seoul - River water, moonlight, cool stone, Mugunghwa (rose of Sharon) blooms.
Raspberry Boy Bait - Vanilla cupcakes, loaded with fresh raspberries, a drop of cinnamon, and soft grey musk.
Flower Moon - Pale, cool moonlight, magnolia, mimosa, and lilacs.
Lucky # 13Sleek black leather, blood red lipstick, clove spiked tobacco, rocket fuel, and a drop of black cherry
Masquerade - Rich silks and velvet, wine, cakes, and, candied fruits.


To A Wild Rose - Rain-covered pavement, dark green leaves, muted Mackintosh roses, and, dandelions.
Nectar d' Or- Tonka butter, cashemere, tolu balsam, heather honey, honeysuckle, caramelized vanilla sugar.
These are the Days of Wine & Honey -The last of the sunflowers, rich honey and beeswax, tolu balsam, tonka bean, cedar, liatrix, palo santo wood, elemi essential oil, silky musk, and of course, a splash of wine.
Le Palmier - Ripe coconut pulp, green palm leaves, ocean water.
Sleeping Beauty - Clean sheets, flax, cherrywood, a drop of steel, briar roses, and, climbing vines.
September Baccalaureate - Olibanum, cedar, oakmoss, conifers, maple leaves, golden woods, guaiac wood, iris, & the last of the roses.
Walking On Sunshine - Bright bergamot, orange peel, lemon, ginger, cashmere woods, daffodils, amber, a dusting of pollen, and a drop of (vegan) honey.

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