Autumn Collection - New to 2018

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Autumn Collection - New to 2018

Shade: Black iris blooms and roots, black tea leaves, black musk, ebony wood, and an understated bite of black pepper.

Crane: Saddle leather, school benches, a dose of Gentleman's cologne, a drop of Dragon's Blood and a wisp of wood smoke.

Harvest: Sweet pumpkins, golden amber, topaz musk, maple leaves, hay, smoky vanilla, and ripe red apples and golden pears.

Soul Cake: Rich and buttery cookies, studded with dried fruit (apricots, currants, and figs), washed down with aged apple cider.

Wish: A field of clover, a bed of grass, and of course, the last of the dandelions, under a bright blue sky.

Memoriam: Dried roses, graveyard dirt, an offering of wine on a bed of resinous incense.

Queen of Elf-Hame: Elderberry wood and blooms, black spruce, cool moss, living redwoods, star flowers, oakmoss, and honey.

London Calling '18: Black tea, leather jackets, and combat boots, a whisper of rose, a splash of lemon and a glass of whisky.


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