Autumn Samples

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Autumn Samples
Autumn Samples
Maid of Orleans - Well oiled leather, the tang of steel armor, battlefield smoke, a whisper of rose petals, and a drop of horse musk.

Queen Min - Plum blossoms, black tea, peonies, sandalwood, mahogany, and muguet.
Salome - Skin musks, sheer veils, resinous incense, pomegranates, wine, and, dates.

L'Autrichenne - Orange scented hot chocolate, sumptous fabrics, powdered wigs, whisps of feathers, and, hot house orange blossoms.

God's Wife - Cool stone, sand, incense, benzoin, Egyptian musk, blue lotus, water from a deep and ancient river.

Gloriana Regina - Radiant pearl musk, Tudor roses (red and white), English oak wood and leaves, leatherbound books, paper, and, ink.

Olympias - Wine spiked with mushrooms and sacred herbs. Olive blooms, branches, leaves, cave stone and eart and the cool slither of a divine serpent.

Lady of Kent - Common broom (planta genista) river water, sea salt, lavender, briar roses, hops, citron, and, violets.

Autumn Drive - Cool autumn air, asphalt, red maple leaves, redwoods, grey musk, oakwood, flannel, and leather seats

Lady Satellite (acoustic) - Cool night air, tangled sheets, metal accord, star musk, and a drop of rocket fuel.

Kumiho - Smooth skin, silk robes, lipstick accord, and, a whisper of fur.

Lightning Seed -Petrichor, ozone, sand, rock, a storm gathering over the desert, and Joshua tree fronds.

Pumpkin's Revenge -Sweet and buttery pumpkin flesh corrupted with black patchouli, sticky myrrh and smoky oud, all spiked with dark spice on a bed of graveyard dirt.

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