(Pre-Order) Pride 2021 Samples

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(Pre-Order) Pride 2021 Samples
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Life (red) - Woody amber, blonde tobacco, red apples, green and ripe apricots, figs drenched in (vegan) honey.
Healing (orange) - Sweet soft musk, copaiba balsam, mandarin, bergamot, frankincense, ambergris, lemon, tangerine peel, and, sandalwood.
Sunlight (yellow) - Warm sunlight, California Lemon, sweet honey, citrus peel, benzoin, Buddha's Hand citrus, and May Chang flower.
Nature (green) - Redwood forest, mahogany, conifers, a touch of loamy earth, green clovers, and fresh broom.
Harmony (blue) - Cool, sweet, and living water, blue skies, and white amber.
Spirit (violet) - White amber, sea salt, wood violets, blackened lavender, Japanese plum, and a trace of lingonberry.
Black - orris root, black velvet, charred amber, dark woods, oakmoss, black pepper, black suede, oud, and black agarwood.
Brown - Benzoin, forest honey, rich incense, cashmere, and, glowing amber.
Transmasc - Understated leather, star musk, white sandalwood, dry blackberries, and, seasalt.
Transfemme: Pink roses, pink water lilies, irises, carnations, lily of the valley, and a trace of vanilla.
Non-Binary: Cotton sheets, overstuffed comforters, white amber, white musk, and, peach blossom.

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