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Into the Enchanted Woods - Old-growth California cedar, loam, redwoods, twilight lavender, a drop of honey mead, and falling leaves.
Poisoned Apple - Apple perfection with red and green apples, Granny Smiths, McIntosh, and Pink lady, sullied with the tiniest bit of patchouli and balanced with applewood and apple leaf.
Big Bad Wolf - leather, soft fur, dark musk, tobacco, and whisky.
Seven Ravens - oud, black agar, dark amber, mahogany, black musk, black tea and, patchouli.
The Woodcutter- soft flannel, skin musk, oak wood, oakmoss, grey pine, and a trace of metal.
Erlqueen: Ice white roses, star musk, pale green shadow leaves, white amber, cold stone, and dried broom branches.
Sleeping Beauty: Clean sheets, flax, cherrywood, a drop of steel, briar roses, and, climbing vines.

London Calling - Strong black tea, a squeeze of lemon, leather jackets, and combat boots, and a generous splash of whisky.
Pumpkin's Revenge -Sweet and buttery pumpkin flesh corrupted with black patchouli, sticky myrrh, and smokey oud, all spiked with dark spice on a bed of graveyard dirt.
Lighthouse - Cardamom coffee, sweetened with (vegan) honey, worn flannel, silver birch, and coastal redwoods.
October Rust - Cool rusting metal, the last of the maple leaves, black agarwood, crisp air, incense, bonfire smoke, blonde woods, and dark amber.

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