Spring 2021 Samples

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Spring 2021 Samples
Spring 2021 Samples
Strawberry Thief - pale green leaves, soft feathers, irises, peonies, wild roses, strawberries
Spring 1900 - irises, lilies, sunflowers, anenomes, green silk, thistles, cyclamen
The Kiss - violets, hyacinths, pale amber, fair skin, crushed golden fabric
Celebration of Spring: Pale alabaster, smooth jade, amber light, water lilies
To A Wild Rose: rain covered pavement, dark green leaves, muted Mackintosh roses, and, dandelions
Jeune Sainte au Lys - pale skin, muted notes of polar, pine, and wood, pale white lilies
Beloved: Pink lady apples, pink lilies, cucumber, gardenia, soft white woods, nectarine blossoms, linden blossoms and honey.
Lune: Moonflower, star flowers, cool air, delicate pear flesh, star musk.
Insomniac: white nightgowns, clean sheets, lavender buds, a drop of chamomile, wood floors, skin musks
Halo: Moonlight, sea water, lilacs, wisteria, honeysuckle and moonflower.

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