Spring Limited Edition - The Entire Collection

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Spring Limited Edition - The Entire Collection

Cassiopeia - black irises, benzoin, myrrh, Mysore sandalwood, tuberose, Abyssinian rose, dragon's blood, acacia absolute, black musk, Turkish apricots, and a drop of citron

Draco - suede, saffron, cardamom, ambrette seed, tolu balsam, cedar, amber, copaiba balsam, Mellis accord, cognac, styrax, wild orange, and Egyptian musk

Miel de Fleur Sauvages - Sunwarmed flowers drenched in the richest honey subtly spiced with cardamom.

Désert Fleurissant - Royal Lupine, dry air, desert sage, California buckwheat, salt grass, scrub oak, smoke tree blooms.

Lune de Printemps - Cool night air, unripe strawberries, apple blossom, almond flower, green apricots, moonlit green leaves.

Nectar d' Or - Tonka butter, cashmere, tolu balsam, heather honey, honeysuckle, caramelized vanilla sugar.

California Poppy - Sweet pollen, mimosa, poppy, vanilla bloom, a drop of nectar, bright citrus and bright green leaves.


Soleil - Sun warmed honey (vegan), saffron threads, bergamot, benzoin, smooth wood.

Lune - Moonflower, star flowers, cool air, delicate pear flesh, star musk.

Lune Jardin - gardenia, orange blossoms, white wisteria, osmanthus, muguet, and moonflower.

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