Summer 2021 Samples

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Summer 2021 Samples
Summer 2021 Samples
Eau de Nil - Cool green water, lotus absolute, hot sand, blue sky.
Moulin Rouge - a frou-frou of red satin, a frisson of velvet, wooden floorboards, blonde tobacco, red wine, and a drop of absinthe.
The Sleeper - Cotton sheets, creamy sandalwood, warm skin, and, a drop of jasmine musk.
The Bride - Orange blossoms, white veils, wisteria, white lilies, daffodils, pale green leaves.
Blossom Umbrella - Cherry blossoms, willow leaves, cool rain, soft grass.
Spirit of the Night - velvet dark blue musk, oak, cool night air, moonlight.
The Charleston - A splash of whisky, a river of gin, satin dresses, a squeeze of lemon, and mahogany floorboards.
Melt: Two different ambers, coconut, agarwood CO2, honeyed woods, bergamot, soft spices, and, almond.
Nectar d' Or: tonka butter, cashemere, tolu balsam, heather honey, honeysuckle, caramelized vanilla sugar.
Summer Breeze: White cotton curtains and a memory of jasmine on a gentle breeze.
These are the Days of Wine & Honey: The last of the sunflowers, rich honey and beeswax, tolu balsam, tonka bean, cedar, liatrix, palo santo wood, elemi essential oil, silky musk and of course, a splash of wine.

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