Valentine's Day 2020 - The Entire Collection

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Valentine's Day 2020 - The Entire Collection
Fuck Boy Repellent - Sea Salt accord, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint

Bee's Knees - rich honey, beeswax, calendula blooms, a drop of bergamot.
Dedicated to Rachel Bohlmeijer. <3

Bitchcraft - leather, whisky, spiced honey, the crackle of electricity, 25 year aged patchouli, and a drop of neroli buried in the heart.
Dedicated to the incomparable Mel Anthrope

Wrong Bitch - Freesia, orange blossom, sandalwood, vanilla, tangerine, bergamot, rosewood, tuberose, galbanum

Razz Ma Berries - Berries on berries on berries, on sweet vanilla beans, with the tiniest drop of pink rose, and Italian lemon.

Ahava - clean skin musks, white sheets, myrtle, a trace of orange blossom, white violets
(Myrtle is a symbol of marriage in the Judaic belief system. Orange blossoms are marriage & eternal love. White violets are sometimes used as an invitation to take a chance on love.)

Kama - Lotus, deep red roses, rich amber, honey, a drop of patchouli, and jasmine.
Sanskrit meaning, "a desire, wish, or longing". I'm choosing to focus on the "sexual desire" aspects of the word with this sensual blend.

The returning fragrances are:
Single AF - A carefree blend of strawberries, peach, bergamot, orange peel, guava, on a base of tonka bean, black amber, softened with bourbon vanilla absolute.
Good As Hell - Bright bergamot, citrus, pink berries, lily of the valley, sheer jasmine, white sandalwood, fig (fruits and leaves), wood violets, and silken woods.
L.D.R. - The last remnants of perfume on an old t-shirt. (spun cotton, sheer jasmine, bergamot, hyacinth, freesia, white sandalwood, and gardenia)

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