Valentine's Day 2020 - New Only

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Valentine's Day 2020 - New Only
Fuck Boy Repellent - Sea Salt accord, eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint

Bee's Knees - rich honey, beeswax, calendula blooms, a drop of bergamot.
Dedicated to Rachel Bohlmeijer. <3

Bitchcraft - leather, whisky, spiced honey, the crackle of electricity, 25 year aged patchouli, and a drop of neroli buried in the heart.
Dedicated to the incomparable Mel Anthrope

Wrong Bitch - Freesia, orange blossom, sandalwood, vanilla, tangerine, bergamot, rosewood, tuberose, galbanum

Razz Ma Berries - Berries on berries on berries, on sweet vanilla beans, with the tiniest drop of pink rose, and Italian lemon.

Ahava - clean skin musks, white sheets, myrtle, a trace of orange blossom, white violets
(Myrtle is a symbol of marriage in the Judaic belief system. Orange blossoms are marriage & eternal love. White violets are sometimes used as an invitation to take a chance on love.)

Kama - Lotus, deep red roses, rich amber, honey, a drop of patchouli, and jasmine.
Sanskrit meaning, "a desire, wish, or longing". I'm choosing to focus on the "sexual desire" aspects of the word with this sensual blend.

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