Winter Collection - Samples

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Winter Collection - Samples
Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know- Lady Caroline Lamb described Lord Byron thus after their first meeting.
Smooth leather, black tea, black musk, sticky opium, and whisky.
Frida - Lush irises, Jasmine Sambac absolute, Bulgarian rose absolute, Italian Bergamot, (vegan) deer musk, palo santo, Vanilla Planifolia Absolute, sweet orange, and a drop of golden leather.
(Frida Kahlo wore Shalimar exclusively. This isn't Shalimar at all - but I did pull notes from the version she would have worn and known.)
Onesta - Inspired by Veronica Franco a Venetian poetess and courtesan in the 16th century. Her fragrance is inspired by 16th-century perfume recipes from actual Venetian perfume houses.
Ambergris (vegan), Italian Bergamot, Lavender Maillette, velvet, Italian lemon, rosemary, fossilized amber, and benzoin.
Dear Vincent - Blue skies, turned earth, golden wheat, dark wings.
(Inspired by Van Gogh's "Wheatfield with Crows".)
Gymnopedie - My most favorite composer is Erik Satie and my most favorite pieces by him are the Gymnopedies.
Cold stone, raindrops, fog, and pale amber lights.

Niccolo - Rosewood, mahogany, pine rosin, red velvet, and champagne