Winter - Samples

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Winter - Samples
Hounds of Winter '20: Cashmeran, fresh pines, tonka bean absolute, agarwood absolute, mahogany, palo santo, rosewood, cedars, and smoke.
Abbot of Unreason: Red robes, a splash of wine, fruit studded cakes, beeswax candles, and, candied citrus.
Longest Night '20: Deepest night, cold air, a bright moon, and a trace of smoke
Lantern Festival, tranquil water, soft candlelight, and rice paper.
Wassail '20: Wine mulled with sweet spices, orange peel, (vegan) honey, and, candied ginger.
Tea in the Winter Garden: Black tea, vanilla bean cupcakes, hothouse orange blossoms, coconut pulp, and jasmine sambac.
Dreaming of Kyoto: Matcha, cherry blossoms, sandalwood, ho wood, honey, and Sugi wood.
St. Lucia's Day: sugar-dusted fruits, vanilla cookie crumbs, balsam fir, bayberry, beeswax candles.

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